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In Spellshot you assume the role of a Mythical Beast Hunter who works for the Kingdom of Abumdala.You've heard tales of a monster that lies at the heart of an abandoned Royal Army fort. Rumors say that the Royal Magic Gunners and Monster Tamers who used to work there were part of an accident. Now monsters roam the halls and attack any who enter almost as if on command. As a Mythical Beast Hunter, you can't ignore the call of potential prey and set out to rid the fort of its monsters and slay whatever other evil may be lurking in those dark hall

● Experience fast paced , intense FPS action in a VR setting.
● Awesome spell effects and particle effects.
● Make use of your magical guns and think on the fly to defeat waves of enemies.

Upon entering the fortress, the player witnesses a scrawling on the floor. It seems fresh for the most part and there are draw marks, as if someone has been pulled away as they attempted to write the message. Due to your training as a beast hunter the player immediately recognizes several symbols used in magic. They aren’t traps, but rather sigils created to keep certain energies contained. While you can recognize many of the sigils, there are three you’ve never seen before.

There is also a message within the writing-

“Beware the Fallen Fortress, all who dwell here die twice.”

Please note this is a demo version for testing and does not guarantee access to the full game on release. Thank you for helping us make the game better :)


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I would've made it Archery based.