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RPGs are NOTORIOUS for their intensive world-building and comprehensive lore. When looking at the finalized product, players can enjoy the complexity of a well-crafted society, but from the development perspective, where story beats can change at the drop of a hat, it can be difficult to keep all the facts or the intent of your factions straight. This is where a story bible comes in!

A story bible is a guidebook made up of the facts of your game's world. Everything important, from settings, crucial characters, story beats, etc., can be collected in one place for easy viewing and reference. When working across multiple people, a story bible helps everyone understand the tone of a game as well as what lore is already decided on (and, by extension, what they can create!). If one is working by oneself, then a story bible can help you know what you HAVE created and what you need to work on without having to rely on holding it all in your head or across multiple documents.

Included in this pay-what-you-want package is a template for a potential story bible! This is the template DVNC uses for our games (adapted straight fromMonochrome RPG's story bible), and we hope that this helps developers out there as much as it's helped us!


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