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Swing your way to becoming the best Hero in Training on Earth while learning what it takes to become a Superhero within the Intergalactic League of Superheroes!

  • Swing your way through heroic challenges.
  • Start your training in Story Mode!
  • Become the best hero in training on Earth!

Ready to Start Your Training?

Have you found the courage to join the Intergalactic League of Superheroes’ Hero Training Program, sponsored by Hero Gear Corp? 

In this program, you won’t pal around or play games. No instead you’ll complete training course after training course, mission after mission, all in an attempt to reach the Rank of Hero in Training. If you do pass the program you’ll be welcomed into the ranks of the Intergalactic League of Superheroes’.

Meet Your Hero Gear

Anti-Force Suit

The Anti-Force Suit shields the hero from directly taking damage. The suit provides indicators to various features of the Hero Gauntlet as well as increasing the hero’s overall strength and dexterity.

Hero Gauntlet

The Hero Gauntlet provides the hero with a toolset of functionalities. The primary features of the Hero Gauntlet are the Magnetic Hooks and Hand Jets:

  • Magnetic Hooks - part of the Hero Gauntlet that allows the hero to attach and pull towards various surfaces.
  • Hand Jets - the opposite to the hooking mechanism. The hand jets push the hero in the opposite direction of the gauntlets. Thus the hero can temporarily fly up if they aim the gauntlet down and can propel forward if they aim the gauntlet backward.


  • Free Itch Demo (Testing Now! Give it a try!)
  • Free Steam Demo (Feb 2020)
  • Steam Early Access (Mar 2020)


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