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SuperHero in Training, VR Action Game, Demo on Itch!!!
*takes a deep breath* ALRIGHT! It’s that time, Hero Gear Inc. is officially announcing the public demonstration of the SuperHero in Training program, a full-f...
SuperHero in Training Dev Log #2
It’s been a while since we last posted about SuperHero in Training (SHT). We’re sorry for the lack of dev logs, however, we’ve been in heavy development m...
SHT Dev Log #1 - — Vision, Level Design, and Marketing a VR Game
SHT Dev Log #1 — Vision, Level Design, and Marketing a VR Game In the last SuperHero in Training Dev Log we introduced the game broadly. This Log will focus o...
SHT Dev Log #0 - What is SHT?
Even you can become a Hero! -All Might SuperHero in Training is an upcoming VR Action Platformer planned to be released in late 2019/early 2020. The game puts t...
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Thanks for checking out our page, and a special thanks for trying out SuperHero in Training! Any feedback is incredibly...
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